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Every day, people living with serious diseases strive to be more than their disease 鈥 to be defined by what they can dream and hope and achieve, not by what limits them. Our commitment to people with serious diseases is uncompromising and goes beyond our research and development (R&D) and medicines.听

Working with the pain community

We鈥檙e focused on researching and discovering potential medicines aimed at targeting how pain signals move in the body,听including for moderate to severe acute pain and chronic peripheral neuropathic pain.听Vertex seeks to identify opportunities where we can support, empower, learn from and engage with the pain community, and ensure their voices are represented and incorporated into all that we do.

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Engaging with the pain community

We鈥檙e proud to support U.S. Pain鈥檚 听publications听on acute to chronic pain, and neuropathic pain.


We're proud to be members of both the听 and the .听听

Learn about our work in pain

To learn more about our pain studies in the U.S., visit the . For information about non-U.S. sites, visit .