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Flexible work, mentorship opportunities, generous paid time off, and financial and mental wellness support 鈥 these are just a few of the ways Vertex cares for our people.鈥

In the U.S., every year I get to reflect on the various benefit options we offer Vertexians to ensure we are allowing our people 鈥 our most important asset 鈥 the ability to focus on what matters most for themselves, their families and for our patients. We do this by offering benefits to meet our people wherever they are on their career, financial, family and wellbeing journey.鈥

We regularly review our programs to make sure we have the right benefits available to support them every step of the way. We are committed to鈥痩istening, learning, and鈥痚volving our benefits and we incorporate employee feedback to design a benefits suite that meets our employees in the moments that matter. Our flexible work鈥痯olicies, wellness鈥痠nitiatives,鈥痙igital physical therapy, and additional time off allow Vertexians to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Beyond the usual suite of benefits like health, dental, vision and life insurance, in the U.S. we offer financial counseling and support, student loan repayment, tuition reimbursement and commuting subsidies to support the financial wellbeing of all Vertexians.鈥

We care about our employees鈥 mental health and wellbeing, so we continue to enhance the programs we offer including confidential, on-demand support through real-time text chats with coaches, self-guided activities and more, virtual clinical therapy, a wellbeing and guided meditation app, and free professional and personal counseling, life coaching and work-life support.鈥 We know caring for loved ones is something that can be stressful, so we offer online resources, webinars, and access to professionals, for parents of children who need assistance with learning, emotional or developmental disorders as well as back-up childcare and elder care.鈥

To meet Vertexians鈥 needs, in the U.S. we have rolled out new and unique offerings including college coaching for our employees and their families, inclusive family forming services including egg cryopreservation to preserve future fertility, donor egg/donor sperm, reciprocal IVF, surrogacy, doula and adoption support as well as milk shipment and access to pet insurance and legal services.鈥

One of听mypersonal favorite benefits is our two synchronous company shutdowns 鈥 one in August and one in December 鈥 which allow Vertexians uninterrupted time to spend time away from work to rest and re-energize.鈥 We also offer leave programs that enable Vertexians to care for themselves and family members in the moments in life that matter the most.鈥

Finally, we support Vertexians in volunteerism and philanthropy because we know that supporting our people also means supporting the communities and causes that are important to them. The Vertex Foundation Matching Gift Program matches employee donations 1:1 to eligible nonprofit organizations and offers opportunities to receive 2:1 matching multiple times a year, and our annual Global Day of Service gives employees the chance to lend their time and expertise to nonprofit organizations during a paid day of volunteering.鈥

We do this to care for our people but also because we want our people to be supported in a way that enables them to achieve their best for patients.鈥 For more details on our inclusive benefits, or if you鈥檇 like to learn more about our current job openings, check out鈥www.vrtx.com/careers.鈥